The Tandys of Kenilworth

Kenilworth Castle

In the early years of the 18th century John Gaunt Littleton settled in Kenilworth, far away from his native Cumbria, and was instrumental in founding the town's HORN COMB Industry. In 1727 he married Elizabeth Clements and then in 1752 their daughter Elizabeth Littleton married William Tandy in St John's Church, Coventry. The first record of a Tandy in Kenilworth is the marriage of Elizabeth Tandy,(widow) to Martin Coonean (Cameron?) in 1785. The Tandy families in Kenilworth are descended from just two Tandys:

James Tandy (born 1772) the youngest son of William Tandy and Elizabeth Littleton, and

William Tandy (born 1783, St. John's) who was probably the son of William Tandy, James' elder brother, and Ann Taylor. As there is no proof of this relationship, at present, I have deliberately not linked the two families.

When the Kenilworth Horn Comb industry began to fail, in the latter part of the 19th century, families began to leave Kenilworth. Some found work in the Northampton Leather Industries while others ended up in Sheffield making cutlery. At least one (John Tandy) headed off to Australia and, undoubtedly, other families will have headed for a new life in Canada and America.

I am indebted to an increasing number of people who have shared their research and allowed me to publish it on this web site. I would like to thank, Irene Potter, who provided me with a huge amount of data shortly after I had begun my Tandy Quest, Trevor Littleton, Leri Morton, Christine Hill, Cass Fox, Merice Maltby, Angela Gooch, Graham Bailey and Jane Tandy.

If you are related to the Kenilworth Tandys, you have research you would like me to include or you have noticed any mistakes please let me know.

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